Now more than ever, is the time to let your light shine and to step into your greatness. To show your true colours and stand for who you really are. Without censoring yourself or conforming to everything this reality stands for.

Following your intuition
It’s definitely not the time to get caught up or to wait untill things go back to ‘normal’, but to stay connected. Because if you clear the way to follow your inner flow, you can truly be a contribution. A contribution to more consciousness on this planet, to more light and love. But also to the build up of a new economy based on integrity, true connection and care… taking care of each other.

Creating your reality
While old structures are crumbling down around you, it is essential that you lay the foundation for a new reality. A reality or world in which you choose for you and for your future. By asking yourself over again, with every choice you make: what is this going to create for me and my body? Is this going to make me happy? Does this feel light and is this the start of a new adventure?

Unlimited possibilities
When you start asking questions and getting into alignment with every step you take, you will be able to create an new environment. A place where you can put your new creations into the world. In a space were you are in total allowance of possibilities that go beyond anything you ever thought possible. But also a reality where you can create new cash flows with ease and joy and work together on an equal footing.

Tuning into your knowing
But how to do all of this? Well, you already know… so it’s time to open the doors to your knowing. To let go of all the beliefs, thoughts, judgements and conclusions that stand in your way. To really follow that inner joy, your inner guidance. To ask questions to the Universe, your body and everything and everyone that can be a contribution to you.

  • stepping into your greatness

The future is positive

Stepping into the greatness of you
The future is positive, if you choose to see it. If you choose to be the greatness you truly are, that unlimited being and to ask questions. Great questions with great desires… what if everything is possible? Everything that is happening right now is positive, if you don’t let your fears and emotions drag you down. And especially not by the fears of others. Stay out of judgement and dare to be with what is.

Excercise: let all energies that are not yours come up (and there are quite a lot of them) and return them to sender. You don’t have to know where they come from. If necessary, do this a few times in a row and several times a day.

Be still
Make time to sit in silence regularly. To meditate or just be in the now, without judgement and as an observer of all your thoughts, feelings and emotions. To let inspiration, ideas and possibilities come to you. Stop the thought that you have to do, work, learn and discover a lot before you can be a contribution. You only have to be yourself and to do the things that light you up.

Live your life!
So stop looking around to see what others are doing and start to connect with your body and knowing. What feels good to you, what makes you happy, who inspires you? Choose over and over again to follow your joy to explore who you are and what contribution you can be.

And is there something you ‘must’ do anyway? Then do it at a time when it feels right for you and see if you can do it with more ease & joy. Follow your intuition, your awareness and only take inspired action from your heart.

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