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Live a conscious & fulfilling life with more ease, joy and freedom.

With love and dedication, I would like to inspire and invite you, to choose YOU. And to live your life on your own terms. A conscious and fulfilling life, full of adventure, magic, love and appreciation. In connection with yourself, your body and nature. So that you are able to experience true freedom & inner peace.

I am Alexandra Hilbers, world traveller and bon vivant. I see life as a great adventure and enjoy the beautiful journeys I take, but especially my own journey. The path to more consciousness, where I play and discover from curiosity. Always following my joy.

I would love to help you discover, that life can be way more fun and have so much more ease. And to let you experience that, in connection with your true essence, you can create whatever you desire.

Because deep down you know that there is more possible in life. That you can and may truly be yourself and are capable of so much more than you think.

Shall we go on a journey together and take the first steps? Just because you can… and because you’re worth it!

Alexandra Hilbers - Algarve

Sparkle coaching

Be yourself & follow your heart with confidence

Discover what it is like to really be and that everything you desire is already present in the now moment. How to open yourself up for what life is trying to tell you and easily follow your inner joy. Always!

Energetic bodywork & Healing

Embody & follow your inspiration

Experience how, with the help of energetic body processes, emotions, thoughts and beliefs are released, which stand in the way of completely being yourself. Reconnect with your inner knowledge and raise your awareness.

Courses & Workshops

Learn & grow: release stress and overcome limiting beliefs

Do you really want to stand up for yourself and choose for the things that are important to you? Want to experience more ease and joy in everything you do? Then take the first step during an inspiring course or workshop. Learn and experience powerful tools & processes that can contribute to your growth & prosperity and that of your clients.


My latest blog

Dialy life experiences to inspire and invite you to always follow your joy and to live life on your own terms… enjoying every little part of it.

Follow your joy.

I don’t know how I got to Alexandra’s website, but I immediately resonated with her words. I was inspired by her story and felt really strongly that I must be with her. From her I can learn about the adventure called life. About freedom and sparkling in my own way.

Hentje Metz

I found Alexandra on the internet. Immediately booked with her for a bars session. When I met her I knew she is a really special soul. Her energy is unique, I felt so relaxed around her.

Erika B.
Op eigen wijze. Coaching & Training met Alexandra Hilbers

I am so grateful to Alexandra, she helped me a lot further in my process. I am back in my power and a lot of things have started to move. I look forward to the next treatment.

Marina van Esch
Energetic healing

This super enthusiastic lady has the gift of combining more than just theory and practice into a valuable session. I thank her for giving me insight into the missing link in my awareness process, I can now move. This gives me a lot of air, space and peace… with and for myself. She is a star!

Op eigen wijze. Coaching & Training met Alexandra Hilbers

I have become much softer to myself and able to give back responsibilities that are not mine. This gives peace and space. I really enjoyed the session in nature, I would have loved to do more. It is nice to reflect on things in a completely different atmosphere and therefore look at things in a calmer way.

Margot Maas
Bodywork & healing

You have helped me to gain insight into myself and how to find peace. I feel a lot better and I am more comfortable in my own skin. The feeling that I “must” do things has become less and I am going through life with much more ease. I can enjoy the little things again and have become more emotional.

Op eigen wijze. Coaching & Training met Alexandra Hilbers

During the process I gained insight into who I am, where certain behavior comes from and that I have the choice to deal with this differently. I now know it’s ok to think about myself more often and ask for help. I have experienced the sessions with Alexandra as very pleasant. A relaxed atmosphere with the opportunity to really open up.

Mira van der Linde
Kyra Andeweg

I love the IET. It is very relaxing and working with the angels is super nice. I feel that a number of blockages have been lifted during the course and that I now take new steps with more ease.

Kyra Andeweg
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