Access Bars: get rid of stress, fear & limiting beliefs

Is your head overflowing with thoughts and do you worry too much? Are you anxious, insecure or do you often feel overwhelmed with emotions? Then an Access Bars Session can be a huge contribution to you, your body and your life.

Imagine what it would be like to experience deep relaxation and more space in your head? To really feel connected again with your heart & your body, to feel secure and full of energy?
It is possible!!

The freedom to be YOU!

Are you ready to choose you and to follow your joy, always and everywhere? To say NO to what drains you and makes you unhappy? To stand strong in these insecure times and to shine your light?

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Letting go of judgements, thoughts and emotions

Access Bars® are 32 points on your head that, when gently touched, effortlessly release anything that is in your way to experience more ease & joy in your life. To really be you! These points contain all the judgements, thoughts, beliefs and emotions that you have collected. And by letting go of it, during an Access Bars Session, space will open up for new experiences, possibilities and more consciousness.

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What can a BARS® session bring you?

  • more peace and space in your head
  • deep relaxation
  • a better connection with your body and intuition
  • greater awareness
  • more ease & joy in life
  • more self-confidence
  • the freedom to be YOU

I highly recommend to everyone who need some lightness in their life, to book a Bars session with Alexandra.💗

Erika B.
Op eigen wijze. Coaching & Training met Alexandra Hilbers

After each session I felt immediate results: the tensions and emotions were released and my head, heart and stomach came to rest.

Jeroen Snel
Follow your joy. Coaching & Training met Alexandra Hilbers

Wow, something was transformed on a very deep level. I feel so much lighter and experience much more space in my body and consciousness. A few days after the session: I still experience a lot of peace in my body and I am able to re-connect with myself easily.

Ria van de Sande

Practical information

A Bars session takes about 60 minutes and the cost is € 65,- . I will give the session in my practice in Algoz (Algarve) or in Pijnacker, where you will be laying down on the massage table… warm & relaxed.

Access BARS® is one of the tools of Access Consciousness®, an organization that aims to make people aware of what they already know. By asking more, you create more and you become aware of the unlimited possibilities in your life.

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