Healy – frequency therapy

Do you often experience a lot of pain, do you have trouble sleeping and do you lack energy? Then a treatment with the Healy might be something for you!!

Healy is frequency therapy for everyone!
Healy is a small, ingenious *device, or a wearable, that you can operate via a blue tooth connection with your smartphone. It is a new form of frequency therapy and the successor to the Timewaver, which has been used in hospitals for more than 15 years.

More balance for body & mind
How does the Healy work? The Healy is connected to the body via electrodes in two wristbands, via ear clips or adhesive electrodes, which are applied to or around the painful areas on the body. Then frequencies (electric currents) are sent to certain places in the body, which ensure cell optimization. In this way, balance can be restored in various areas.

Do you suffer from stress, migraine or do you have trouble keeping your focus?

You can choose for a treatment with the Healy in my practice, but you can also purchase a Healy yourself. The Healy is small, super easy to use and relatively cheap. If you buy one yourself, you can use it whenever you want and also lend it to others. You are no longer dependent on a therapist. There is also the possibility to earn money with the Healy and build a business.

Healy modules for you, your family, your business and animals: Animal Module, Analyse Aura, Success Coach Module & Heal Advisor Analyse App.

Healy frequency therapy


Healy has several promotions throughout the year, with discounts on the purchase of a Healy or any of the new programmes. If you want to take advantage of a promotion, please contact me for the most up-to-date details regarding the promotions.

Alexandra Hilbers - Algarve

This is so cool!! Healy frequency therapy… this is the future when it comes to healthy living with ease & joy. Since I am using the Healy daily I have become more aware and experience more relaxation in my body. If I can’t sleep for once or I have cut myself, Healy always comes to the rescue.

Alexandra Hilbers
Op Eigen Wijze Coaching Training - Gezondheid

Taking care of yourself and staying healthy is super important, especially in this time of chaos, change and uncertainty. With the Healy you not only ensure a healthy body, but also inner peace & more awareness.


More information about the different Healy versions & programs

*Healy is a medical product
for the treatment of chronic pain, fibromyalgia, skeletal pain and migraine and for the supportive treatment of mental disorders such as depression, anxiety and related sleep disorders. All other uses of the Healy are not recognized by regular medicine because their effect has not been scientifically proven.

Healy watch

Healy watch: healthy living with ease & joy

Healy Watch and Digital Nutrition Advisor : tailor-made advice for better health, more energy & a positive mindset 

The Healy watch is Healy’s activity tracker that maps out your well-being and advises you which specific programs is a contribution to you at that very moment. It shows how much exercise you had that day and what your energy level is. This watch can be used in combination with the Digital Nutrition Advisor (Healy DNA), a healthy alternative to existing nutritional supplements.

Get daily advice on which minerals, proteins and other substances your body needs and dispense them directly with the appropriate frequency program. How does is get any easier?

MagHealy: The latest innovation from Healy

Where Healy focuses on the Bioenergetic Field of the individual and is designed to promote internal wellbeing, we now have the MagHealy. This innovative device addresses the space around us, through a pulsating magnetic field aimed at harmonizing your surroundings.

Buying a Healy or receiving more information

Would you like to buy a Healy or the latest innovation, the MagHealy? Go to the shop directly. Do you have any questions or would you like advice on which Healy edition or product suits you best? Please, fill in the form below and I will contact you as soon is possible.

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