Energetic Body Work for connection with your nature & inner wisdom

Do you experience physical discomfort, anxiety or stress in your body? That is often a cry for attention. An invitation from your body to become aware of a certain theme or topic in your life, that you haven’t been willing to see yet. When you choose to ignore the signals, blockages will arise. They will keep you from following your inner flow and live in alignment.

With energetic body work or ‘running’ body processes it’s possible to release these blockages and free the body from fixed points of view that got stuck. The body will be activated and you will experience more space, lightness and joy.

Would you love to follow your joy and move throught life with more ease and excitement? Maybe the Body Processes of Access Consciousness® can be a contribution.

Energetic Bodywork can help you …

  • To reconnect with your body and your desires.
  • Activate and rebuild your immune system and digestion.
  • Reversing the effects of physical trauma, injuries and scar tissue on and under the skin.
  • Become more grounded and in connection, with yourself and the Earth.
  • Process traumatic events.
  • And a whole lot more…
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Energetic healing

Wow, this process has been working on a very deep level. I feel so much lightness and space in my being and consciousness. A few days after the session: I still experience a lot of peace in my body and can return to my inner connection with ease.

Ria van de Sande
energetisch lichaamswerk & Access Bodyprocessen

Inner peace & alignment with your heart

By freeing yourself from feelings and emotions that got stuck in the body, and are often not even yours, a sense of peace and space can arise. It will also be easier to truly be you and to let life flow through you.

The space you experience, after undergoing one or more body processes, will provide more awareness and new possibilities. It can even be possible that you don’t feel the urge to judge anymore and that a space opens up with new insights, inspiration & energies.

Read more about the Access Bodyprocessen on the website of Access Consciousness..

Do you want to be guided by your body or do you long to…

  • Truly be yourself… always and anywhere?
  • Communicate and create with your body more easily?
  • Connect with your knowing?
  • Follow your inner joy?
  • Feel comfortable in and with your body?
  • Experience more peace & space in your whole body & being?

Maybe a magical, relaxing Body Process session can be a contribution!

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Energetic Facelift – Access Bars – Access Body processes – ESSE

These are examples of a number of energetic body processes that I work with in my practice. You can determine in advance which process you would like to receive or I will ask your body which process is the biggest contribution. Intuitively I place my hands on the body and ask this specific energy to ‘turn on’. I let the energy run out, move my hands or start the next process.

During the session you will lie comfortably on a massage table and, if you wish, covered under a soft blanket. The process works through your clothing, where I only function as a channel.

Come and experience the magic of energetic bodywork!

Practical information

A Bodywork session takes about 60 minutes and can be done in my practice in Algoz or in Pijnacker. The cost is € 65,-.

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