Nature coaching

When was the last time you felt completely relaxed and moved through life from a place of inner peace & confidence? And what would it be like for you to experience that again? To come back to your natural state of being… in nature?

It’s possible… during a nature coaching session in the fresh air!

Nature is a beautiful place to take a break. To take a deep breath and become aware of yourself and your surroundings. In the stillness, reconnecting to (your) nature and feeling from within in which direction you want to move.

A nature coaching session

First you are going to land and ground yourself, to discover how you are standing in life at that moment. Then it’s time to reconnect with yourself and your desires. What is it that you would like to see and experience in your reality? How do you want to feel, what gives you joy? Step by step you will come back to the core, your essence. Just by truly being yourself!

A session in nature can be a contribution to you and your body, when you:

  • want to reconnect with yourself and live your truth
  • have a full and busy head
  • lack energy
  • are stuck and don’t know what to do & where to go
  • want to follow your inner flow with more ease & joy
  • are longing for new possibilities in life
nature coaching
Op eigen wijze. Coaching & Training met Alexandra Hilbers

During the coaching program I especially liked the nature session, I would have liked to do it more often. It’s nice to think and look at things differently. To recharge and gain new energy in nature.

Margot M.
Energetic healing

The nature session makes you more free in your feelings and thoughts. It’s nice to be outdoors and to look at nature in a different way. I especially remembered the part where we walked in silence and I had to use all my senses.

Bianca L.
Op eigen wijze. Coaching & Training met Alexandra Hilbers

I experienced the session in nature as beautiful and inspiring. Beautiful and special, because nature symbolically showed me how I stood in my process at that moment. The wind literally felt like a fresh breeze blowing the old things away.

Marianne G.
Nature coaching

Silence. Energy. Inspiration.

Guided by nature
Why should you experience a coach session in nature? Because nature has a vitalizing and inspiring effect, but can also serve as a beautiful mirror. It can show you how a certain direction feels or what still stands in your way, to take the next step. As you walk, you are opening up more and more. Your senses become stronger and suddenly there is that moment… that you become aware of all that is, without judgement. So beautiful!

When we go on a journey together, we will follow the energy and discover what else is possible during the walk and in your life. You go back to nature, your nature. And whether you’re ready or not, NOW is the time for change. To truly be YOU and to shine your light!

Practical information

You can book a nature coachings session with me in the Algarve (Portugal) or when I am available in the Netherlands in Pijnacker. A session will take about 60-90 minutes and costs € 99,-.

Are you ready to go on an adventure and to make the change in life that you know is possible? Take the first step now and sign up for a transformative session in nature.

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