Stop fixing changing and doing
I know… it’s in our DNA and it feels so safe to keep on searching, changing and doing in our lives. But what if you stop doing that? Maybe you will finally find out that you’re already there! That everything you ever wished for is at your reach, at this very moment. Your biggest dreams have been manifested, you look and feel over the moon and you can’t think of anything else to ask for at the moment.

But again… what will happen at the moment you truly realise and know from deep within that life is already done? That you don’t have to reach any goals any more, you don’t have to change yourself or be someone else. And you don’t have to look for ways to create or manifest your reality. Because it’s done…. You Are Already There!

This question… well, it’s more a kind of realisation, was thrown into my lap by the universe a couple of days ago. And I couldn’t let go of it. My first reaction was to admit that I already knew this, but that felt like a reaction coming from my head. So I started to ask myself: “What would it be like to truly know and experience this from within?”. Wow, that felt so excited and scary at the same time.

Experiencing the feeling
During the week I tuned into this question every now and then. At some point it felt really light and relaxed, like something had fallen from my shoulders. It felt super easy to follow my inner flow with a lot of joy and excitement. But suddenly there was resistence and fear.

Fears & resistance
What am I going to do with my life? And if everything is already here what do I wish for? You need to be a contribution to this world and do something! You can’t only sit and follow your inspiration! I suddenly felt very lonely and uncomfortable.

Follow the inspiration
After a few chores around the house, I felt the impulse to go for a walk. During the walk, I asked myself some questions and sent away some energies that were not mine. My inner connection became very strong and words started to flow into my consciousness, like there was a conversation going on. And suddenly there was a beautiful insight.

  • Already there

That beautiful moment when you realise that everything you ever gained for is right here in this very moment.

True realisation
I am an unlimited being. I can do and be what I want. I don’t have to search, change or reach for anything, but I can go, do, travel, create, dream and experience everything I wish for at every moment. And if I want to experience something else, I choose for it. It felt so true and so light. Wow!

What else is possible?
This realisation felt so genuine and sincere. It makes me want to explore more and more of the unlimited being I truly am. To see and feel what happens and becomes possible after I have fully embodied the feeling of Already there!

But what would it be like for you? To relax a bit more in your life and to sink into that feeling of already there? Come and explore the possibilities during a sparkle coach session (live or online) or take the first step yourself. For example with a short meditation or relaxinn moment to connect with the feeling of “already there”. Enjoy!