A couple of weeks ago I drove to Faro Airport to pick up my husband. I was a little bit early and decided to go to a nearby supermarket for a quick coffee. When I came back to the car I was not able to turn the key and start the engine.    I felt a little bit of panic rising up… oh no, what do I do? I have to pick up Roger and now the car won’t work.

Holding you back
After a deep breath, some trying and thinking, a question popped up; “What can I do or be to make sure I can drive away … very soon?”. The answer came straight away.. ask someone. In my head I heard that voice…stupid blond girl, that needs to ask a guy for help. It stopped me for a few seconds, but I decided to ignore the voice and do it.

Ease & joy
I checked out a couple of Taxi drivers and ask the man who was walking up to my car, because his van was parked next to me. He was happy to help me and in two minutes time we found out that the steering wheel was locked. After unlocking it, the engine came alive. I felt relief and drove away quickly after thanking the guy. The moment I arrived at the Kiss and Fly, Roger walked out of the Airport Terminal… devine perfection!

Where do I find the answers?
But how many times are you in the same situation… I ‘problem’ arises and you get nervous or start to think about all sorts of solutions. The voices in your head are becoming louder and louder: “What do I need to do, what if it goes wrong, what would people think of me?”

  • Getting this done with ease

Let’s play, choose and ask for different possibilities and experience more ease & joy in all of life.


But what if you just sit back, relax and start asking questions. Or ask for help straight away… to someone next to you, to god, to the Universe… it doesn’t matter.

Getting things done with ease
And you know what… this doesn’t only work in situations that need direct action. I works with projects at work, in your business with your family or kids. You can ask all sorts of questions:

  • What else is possible?
  • Who or what can be a contribution to me or this job/project/solution?
  • What can I do or be to get this down with ease and joy?
  • What would it be like if …?

Knowing & receiving
There is only one big IF… you need to trust that the answer will come to you. And remember this: it will always come when the time is right (and not when you think it’s about time) and always in a way you couldn’t have thought of. So stop living from judgement and conclusion (it will probably never happen… bla bla bla) and start opening up. So, that you are ready to receive answers, help, inspiration, love, money and so much more.

Let’s play, choose and ask for different possibilities and experience more ease & joy in all of life.

Are you longing for more ease & joy in your life and work? Maybe I can be a contribution and guide you on your path. Contact me if that feels light to you and let’s see what possible when we start working together.