Some people think my life is one big holiday. They see me sitting in de sun or walking on the beach. Drinking wine, travelling around and enjoying Portuguese food. And yes, my life is one big holiday. I live, choose, ask and do what makes me happy, creating my life, products and services along the way. My life is my business and money follows joy, so what more do I need?

And you my beautiful being… would you like to live and create your life on your own terms? Maybe this page in my journal will inspire you.

Yesterday I got up really early. Starting the day with some chores around the house and checking my email. After a small breakfast and a cup of tea, I drove to my friend in Alvor, enjoying the beginning of another beautiful day in the Algarve.

Receiving magical Bars sessions
I received a magical Access Bars session from her, bringing up new possibilities, ideas and energies. But also releasing a lot of shizzle that is no longer a contribution to my life and way of living. After a coffee my friend received a Bars session from me and oh my god… so much shifted in her being, opening up to receive even more.

Experiencing synchronicity
When we were back at our feet and grounded again, we walked into town to find a nice place to have lunch. We asked the Universe which restaurant could be a contribution to our bodies. And suddenly we spotted a sunny table near the harbour at the same time. So funny!

  • Create your life

Think further, think big… what else is possible?

We enjoyed the sun and our freshly prepared Golden Bream, feeling happy and  grateful. After we said goodbye I drove to my favourite beach for a walk. I stood with my bear foot in the sand, welcoming the sea and everything around me.

I tuned into to the energy of the Bars sessions again and asked myself; What wants to be created? During the session I told my friend about my adventure into becoming financially free and investing in crypto, De-Fi and other assets.

Create your life
She asked me; “Alex are you going to give workshops and teach other people?” I was like, yeah maybe. She said; “What? Think further, think big… what else is possible? You sound really passionate about this and enjoying the adventure. And yes, I would like to learn from you!”. Wow, that opened up the space.

Flow of inspiration
All of a sudden topics, energies and inspiration started to flow and formed the first ideas for a couple of workshops and other creations. I kept on walking, opened up to receive even more. After a while I sat down in the sand, to write a few things down.

I so love creating in nature, it gives me so much ease and joy. Curious and full of ideas I stepped into my car. Asking the Universe what my step will be in this process and who or what can contribute to my creation. Let’s wait and see… but hurry up a bit Universe (No, I am not impatient at all).

Looking for some guidance?
Are you longing for more ease and joy in your life? And would you like to create life on your own terms, but don’t know where to start? I love to guide you on your journey. Interested to work with me? Check out what services I have to offer or send me a message via the contact form and find out if and how I can contribute to you and your life.