Courses & Workshops

I am not teaching any classes at the moment. Because I am in the middle of a creative process to develop my own classes and programs by following my joy. As soon as my creations are ready to be launched, I will let you know via Social Media, my monthly “Inspiration Boost” and this website.

My contribution to your retreat or workshop

Do you have an idea for a workshop or event or do you feel the inspiration to create something together? Please contact me, so we can see what’s possibile to create together. I can also be a contribution to your retreats, events or workshops by giving relaxing Access Bars Sessions or Energetic Healings. So that the transformation the participants go through, is with greater ease & pleasure.

Create more JOYS

Tell me about your ideas and inspirations.

Fill in the form below to get in contact with me. Let’s see how we can create more ease, joy & consciousness in this world.

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