Do you really want to stand up for yourself and choose the things that are important to you? Are you longing for more ease & joy in your life? Then it’s time to get rid of your old patterns, beliefs and blockages, with a healing, Access Bars or body process session. Discover the power of energetic bodywork and open the door to more peace, space & possibilities.

Energetic Healing – bodywork

During this loving, AND but powerful energy treatment, the blockages in your body can be healed, so that your energy can flow freely again. It can create a better connection with your heart for more ease, joy and relaxation. It also clears the way to realize your (soul) purpose.
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Bodywork & healing

Access Body Processes

Clear the way from old beliefs, fears and blockages on a physical, emotional and mental level. So that, from now on, you can truly be yourself… anytime, anywhere. Raise your awareness and confidently follow your inspiration in the moment. Do what makes you happy and allow all the things you desire, to come to you with ease & joy.

Op eigen wijze. Coaching & Training met Alexandra Hilbers

After each session I felt immediate results: the tensions and emotions were released and my head, heart and stomach came to rest. I have gained many new tools &  insights, such as how to expand my own energy field, insights from past lives, dealing with negativity differently and that I can always ask for help.

Jeroen Snel
Follow your joy. Coaching & Training met Alexandra Hilbers

Wow, something was transformed on a very deep level. I feel so much lighter and experience much more space in my body and consciousness. A few days after the session: I still experience a lot of peace in my body and I am able to re-connect with myself easily.

Ria van de Sande

Access BARS session

Get your Bars run and experience more space in your head, body and being. Enjoy total relaxation and a deep and calm state. From this space you will be able to look at life from a different perspective and receive new ideas, inspiration and possibilities… but only if you choose it!

Access Bars - bodywork