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Living & creating beyond control

Would you like to have more ease around Covid and the vaccine? And create your life on your own terms with a healthy body and beyond control? Come and join this magical body class.

Covid Body Process

Destruction and Elimination of All Alterations of RNA Designed to Control You.

This is the process we start working with in the morning. It’s a contribution for people who received the vaccine, had Covid or did a PCR test. But also for people who are working with clients or patients that received the vaccine. What if nothing can control you… and you are able to truly be yourself, without any judgements or conclusions?

relaxing receiving

Relax and receive

Access Body Processes go beyond the mind and are there to receive. During the class the processes will not be explained, so your body can fully experience the energy.

MTVSS Process – immune system boost

Molecular Terminal Valence Sloughing System (MTVSS)

After lunch we start with this amazing process that can be used in a thousand different ways and each time it will create a different possibility. Are ready to look at life from a different angle and receive more energy, inspiration, love, joy and magic?

Working with the body processes

During this day I will tell you more about working with bodies and show you the hand positions for each process. You will give and receive each body proces for about 60-90 minutes. In between we take shorts breaks for snacks, drinks and to answer your questions about living and creating beyond control.

After this class you can work with the body processes on yourself, your family or clients. I wonder what that will create for the world.

Follow your joy.

Body processes can be a contribution to:

  • more ease and joy in your life
  • the self healing ability of your body
  • more communion with your body
  • relaxation and inner peace
  • more consciousness and less judgement

Schedule 2022

  • Sunday the 30th of January from 9.30 – 17.00 hours in Algoz (Algarve, Portugal)

Practical information

  • The costs for the whole day, including a light lunch and hand outs are € 110,- .
  • You can also choose to follow one process and join us for half a day (€ 55,-).
  • Prerequisites for this class: None.

Sign up for the Body Class

Are you open for more possibilities and curious about what else is possible in you life and with your body? Sign up for this magical body class by filling in the form below. After registration you will receive a confirmation with an invoice by e-mail. With the payment you make your participation in the class final.