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Be yourself… radiant and full of energy!

The Access Consciousness Energetic Facelift is a dynamic body process that is not only meant to let go of your beliefs about aging, but is especially wonderful for your entire body. Your organs, your skin and your eyes… everything will be able to shine again. So good!

Relaxation & vitality
When you ‘turn on’ this process, all underlying processes go to work to reverse the effects of aging. This can make your face look and feel younger and even your entire body. The enjoyable, nurturing energy provides total relaxation and has a vitalizing effect.

During the 1-day Energetic Facelift class you will learn to work intuitively with this wonderful body process, in which the face and neck are gently and lovingly touched. You will give a Facelift session twice and receive two sessions. This is really a gift for yourself and the other.

Energetic Facelift Class Algarve

Giving energetic Facelift sessions yourself!
After following this training you are a Access Facelift Practitioner. That means you can start giving sessions yourself… to your family, friends and clients (in return for money). Just at home or in your own practice, as a coach, therapist, beauty specialist or yoga teacher.

Practical information

  • The costs for this class are € 380,- and € 300,- when you live and work in Portugal. If you come to repeat the class, you will pay € 190,- or € 150,-. These amounts include 21% (Dutch) VAT and are determined by Access Consciousness®.
  • The classes take place in my practice in Algoz (Algarve, Portugal) at the Quinta da Rosa Branca, unless stated otherwise.
  • I will provide coffee, tea, water, a simple lunch and various sweet and savory snacks during the course.
  • You will also receive a manual, a head chart with all hand positions, the audio recordings and a certificate.

Would you like more information about the Energetic Facelift?

Go to the Access Consciousness Facelift site of watch the video below. Would you like to receive an Energetic Facelift session yourself, before you decide to do the course? Send in your request via the form on the contact page.

Schedule 2021

  • Sunday the 21th of November from 9.30 – 17.30 hours in Algoz, Portugal

Let’s sparkle & shine!!

Do you long to feel good and to sparkle again with your whole being? Would you like to learn a powerful body process that can contribute to your body, that of your family and your clients? Then come to the Access Facelift Class to play, experience and connect.

Energetic Facelift Class

Throw away all your beliefs about aging and choose to step into the younger version of you, which you know is possible!


Sign up for the Energetic Facelift Class

This can be done by filling in the form below. After registration you will receive an email confirmation with an invoice. After payment of the course or the first installment, your participation is final.

Do you have any questions or would you like to take the course on a different date or location? Please contact me.