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Do you long for more peace and relaxation? To let go of the fears and beliefs that stand in your way of doing what makes YOU happy?

Come to the 1-day Access Bars Class!

During this training you will not only learn how to work with a super cool, practical hands-on tool, but you will also receive two Access Bars sessions. Image how much more space can be created for new connections, possibilities, inspiration, magic and so much more.

The Access Bars Class is a dynamic course where you can choose to look at your life in a different way. What could that create?

What is Access Bars?
‘The Bars’ are 32 points on the head where we store our thoughts, feelings, emotions, judgements, beliefs and ideas from this or other lifetimes. By gently touching the points you can release these limitations, that no longer serve you and stand in the way of truly being you. It can open the door to new possibilities, choices and more ease & joy in life.

… so what are you waiting for?

Less judgement & more allowance
A Bars session not only provides more peace of mind and relaxation, but it also creates space in your entire being. It will be easier to follow your inner joy, flow or intuïtion, and see things from a different point of view. Imagine what your live would look like with less judgement and total allowance of everything and everyone?

Erika: I choose to do an Access Bars Class with Alexandra, that was an absolutely amazing experience. Thanks for that day, and especially to Alexandra, I ask more questions and have more possibilities in my life. She was explaining the tools with so much ease and joy. I am so grateful that I met her.

Erika during the Access Bars Class

Schedule 2023

  • Sunday the 28th of May 9.30 – 18.00 hours in Algoz, Portugal – English Bars Class in Portugal.

Would you like to follow the class on another day or host a class for me? Please contact me and let’s see what is possible.

What will you experience, do and receive during an Access Bars class?

  • You will get an explanation of where the Access Bars points are located on the head and to which area they are connected (control, money, creativity, sadness, etc.)
  • You will give a Bars session twice and receive an Access Bars session twice
  • I’m going to tell you about Access Consciousness and give you a number of basic tools to play with
  • You will receive a Bars manual and a head chart, so you will be able to give a session with ease & joy
  • you are also going to watch a short instruction video from Gary Douglas and Dr. Dain Heer, the founders of Access Consciousness
  • Afterwards you will receive a certificate and the recording of the entire training

After following this 1-day Access Bars Class you are an Access Bars Practitioner. So you can immediately start giving Bars sessions at home or in your practice. You can also practice and exchange Bars during a so-called Swap session and there is the possibility to become a Access Bars Facilitator yourself. 

Practical information

  • The cost for your first class is € 300,- or € 240,- if you live and work in Portugal. These amounts include 21% (Dutch) VAT and are determined by Access Consciousness®. When you come to repeat a class, you will pay € 150,- (or € 120,-).
  • The courses take place in my practice in Algoz (Algarve, Portugal) or in my practice in Bleiswijk (the Netherlands).
  • During the course there is coffee, tea, water, a simple lunch and various sweet and savory snacks.

What contribution can an Access Bars training be to you?

  • You can immediately start giving Bars session (in return for money)
  • More peace and space in your whole being
  • Relaxation in your body
  • An empty head
  • More awareness
  • Better focus & concentration
  • Energy and confidence
  • More ease & joy in life

But what would it be like to start this class without expectations and open yourself up completely. To be able to receive, connect and enjoy, without judgement?!

Sign up for the Bars Class

This can be done by filling in the form below. After registration you will receive a confirmation with an invoice by e-mail. With the payment of the course fee or a first installment (determined in consultation), you make your participation in the course final.

Access Bars class with Alexandra Hilberse

Come play with energy and discover the benefits of this powerful energetic body process. What else is possible in your life?

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